How to avoid being a 25-year-old flop

Have you listened to Eminem's new album, Kamikaze, yet?


It’s really good.

Shady is back. People didn't like his last album very much so he came back with a vengeance.

A) Listen to yourself

Have you ever been told, 'Don't listen to your haters.'

It's most likely you don't have any real haters. Most people don't. Instead, we make them up in our head.

Eminem has haters. People made whole videos about how bad his work is. Machine Gun Kelly's diss-track on him has over 100 million views.

Eminem did the opposite of the advice above.

Instead of clamming up and being sad, he got mad.

‘I'm harder on myself than you could ever be regardless.’ - Eminem in The Ringer.

He listened to the haters. He sucked up their energy and turned it into fuel. Fuel to create his next piece of work.

So what if most of your haters are in your head and you don't have people making rap songs dissing you?

You can do the same thing.

Listen to the voice in your head saying you can't do something and prove it wrong.

B) All the greats come from the crossover

One of the songs from Kamikaze is called Greatest.

In it, there's a riff where Shady continually chants 'greatest in the world, greatest in the world...'.

The thing is he can back it up.

Million of albums sold. Multiple music awards. A record label.


By developing his craft.

There's no way he could make songs like he does if he didn't have the skills to back it up.

The lesson here is to achieve what you want to achieve, figure out the two or three skills you need become great and become great at them. Then combine them.

Eminem combined his backstory, ability to craft words and his showmanship to become the greatest.

The same goes for other industries.

If you want to be a great software engineer, practice being a coding Jedi and then learn how to communicate what you build.

The value is in the crossover of skills.

C) Creativity is freedom

How do you get out of the shitty life situation you're in?

Reinvent yourself.

Eminem wasn't content being Marshall Mathers. Living in a trailer park with his mom.

He had to get out.

He wasn't even content being Eminem.

So he became Slim Shady.

He reinvented himself.

He created the life he wanted.

You can too.

Write the story of your life. Shoot the movie you've always wanted to make.

Every time I keep an idea locked up in my head, I feel like I'm in jail.

'I got every ingredient all I need is the courage.' - Eminem in 8 Mile

Freedom is having the courage to create the art you want.

D) You know nothing

You could stop reading this article now. You can learn everything you need to know about life from Eminem's songs.


Because he speaks the truth. The truth is the best story you'll ever tell.

But enough about Eminem. I've stolen enough lessons from him.

That’s a bonus. The smartest people steal knowledge from other smart people and remix it into their own story.

Why spend years learning something on your own when you can take it from someone else?

Treat each day as if you've been reborn and have to learn how best to navigate the next 24-hours.

Does this mean start from scratch every day?


It means when I get up, I'm curious. I question everything. If I see someone doing something interesting, I ask them what's going on.

I wanted to visit a cool gym in Austin the other day. But the people I was staying with were doing something else.

I went anyway.

'What's going on here today?' I asked the cashier.

'There's a training certification happening.'

We talked a little more about the training certification.

'Can I still use the gym?'

'Yeah it's usually $25 per day but since we're close to closing, you can just go in for free.'

'Thanks, dude!'

I went in and used the gym for free. It was a good workout. I'll probably go back and pay for some more sessions.

Your curiosity is the best tour guide you'll ever have.

E) Comparison is the death of joy

I turned 25 the other day. The years leading up are a roller coaster.

Especially with social media.

It seems by now I should:

  • Be a multi-millionaire

  • Be the CEO of my own company

  • Be the CEO of my 5 side businesses

  • Be a best selling author

  • Have six pack abs

  • Have a super hot girlfriend (or 3)

  • Travel somewhere new every day

  • Have whiter teeth

  • Be involved with 17 different volunteer organisations

  • Never eat carbs

  • Always get great sleep and sacrifice sleep for the hustle a the same time

  • Have 770k followers

I only check one of those boxes.

None of them are bad. But comparing yourself to people who have them when you don't if the death blow for your happiness.

We can't help it. We're social creatures.

Our DNA is screaming to be replicated which means we're always on the look out for potential mates.

I used to look at others who had what I wanted with hate.

'Oh he has that thing, and I don't, he must be a dick!'

All I was doing was punishing myself.

I should have done what Eminem did. Instead of being a soy boy about it, I should've used it as motivation.

'If that person can do it, why can't I?'

And then I'll add a little bit of my own flavour and make it unique.

It still happens now a little but I'm getting better at it. I'm getting better at working on my own stuff and using others who are getting after it as motivation.

I set my phone background as me 10-years ago to remind me how far I've come.


Your joy is too valuable to be wasted comparing yourself to others.

F) Relationships are everything

Whenever I feel down, I think of the people I love.

I think of them smiling and it makes me happy.

When I think of all the happiest times in my life, it's all been around good people.

I don't care about the things, the locations, only the people. The energy I felt around them.

There was a saying we had at Apple.

'People don't remember the things you say as much as the way you make them feel.'

It's true.

Ever had a conversation with someone where you don't remember a thing you said but you remember how much the person filled you with light?

I want to hang around more people like that. I want to be a person like that.

G) Completing the things you set out to do is the best feeling in the world

Write down something you want to do.

  • 1 pushup

  • 1 paragraph

  • 1000 pushups

  • 1 whole book

Big or small, it doesn't matter.

Then keep doing it for 10-years.

Your 35-year-old self will thank you.

And don't feel guilty if you don’t. Wake up tomorrow and write another list.

I wanted to complete this article today. And I did. Now I feel good.

Time to go shoot some photos. I might even post some to Instagram.

**BONUS #2**

H) Love yourself

I nearly forgot the most important one.

This one is really hard to do.

I have to practice every day.

But it's my superpower. When I'm loving myself, I feel like I can do anything.

All my flaws included. Especially my two bent toes.

If there's anything you write down and do today. Make it this.


I love you.