Use the tools you have

I bought a $3 pen from OfficeWorks the other day. I love it. When I write, it feels like I’m skiing through a fluffy cloud. My previous favourite pen ran out of ink. I was devastated - RIP PaperMate InkJoy 550RT the 3rd.

There was an $8 pen there. It was pretty good too. Was it 2.6 times better? Maybe.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably got a plethora of tools at your disposal.

The screen you’re looking at probably has a keyboard attached.

A keyboard on its own isn’t very exciting. It’s just a a cluster of different letters and numbers. Who decided the order of the letters anyway?

It doesn’t matter.

Used in a particular way, a keyboard created the screen you’re looking at. The book you read last night, the billboard you read this morning. All from a unique combination of key presses.

What’s the deal with the pen?

A pen is another form of keyboard. Boring by itself. But beaming with potential.

Do you need a new tool to bring your ideas to life?

Or do you just need to look at the ones you have in a different light?

I hope my keyboard never runs out of ink.