What happens when your crutches fall away?

Quora is down. I've been answering questions on there lately.

Writing an answer to a question feels different from a blog post. With a question you know there's definitely someone on the other side.

You can be that person's guru if you write well.

A blog post can answer a question, it can create a question, many questions.

When I found out Quora was down I thought, what could I write?


Quora had become a crutch. Something for me to lean on for inspiration. Rather than creating my own fire, I'd rely on others to start it for me.

My brother is in a moonboot right now. One of those big braces to keep your leg in check.

I wore one once. Walking up the concrete ramp to the train station sucked. It was hot. I could feel the sweat piling up inside the boot. When I took it off to sleep it smelled like a change room. A stale change room.

"If it doesn't get better in a few days you might need a full leg cast." the doctor said.

A full leg cast for tripping over on the beach. My friend and I were racing to the water. I won but paid a price. The sand underneath the water had potholes. In went my right foot and over went my body.

We swam for two hours. No issues until I got out of the cold water. Walking up the beach was a challenge. We were supposed to play touch football that night. "It's alright guys, I'll still make it."

I didn't make it. I went to the hospital.

My right big toe was chipped. You could see it on the x-ray. A pathetic chip but still chipped. I hobbled to the bus station with a moonboot. I'll be going to that same bus station this morning. I'm working on a project at the hospital.

Working with the boot was a pain in the ass. It was 3-inches off the ground. I couldn't move anything from my knee down. And my hips were getting sore from walking on different angles.

"I'm going to do some repairs and sit down," I said.

"No worries Dan," she replied.

Sitting down was worse. I never liked the chairs we had. The thing at the bottom always got in the way.

Enough complaining. I took the boot off three days later. Putting my shoe on hurt but it was better than wearing a boot. "I'm not getting a full leg cast. This thing is going to heal up." I told myself.

It worked. I never put the boot back on or went back to the hospital, until today.

"If you don't need a cast, it should be fine to take the boot off in 4-6 weeks." the doctor said.

My pathetic little chip was either dust on the X-ray or I've got magic powers.

Crutches aren't a bad thing. They hold us up and let us heal. They take the pressure off. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

Except crutches become a problem when you rely on them too much. They're inconvenient to carry around all the time.

I was leaning on Quora for inspiration to write. What happens if Quora ceased to exist? Stop writing? Not an option.

I should've been leaning on myself.

You might be leaning on something too. If you are, you're probably not giving yourself enough credit. You're stronger than you think. Do you need it?

Sometimes crutches can hold us back from getting better. Ditching the boot meant I had no choice but to get better. Smart? Eh. Choose your battles.

Quora being down means I had no choice but to write this post.

Losing one crutch is great reason to write about how you got rid of another. And throwing them away is a great way of saying, "I'm doing this, whether I like it or not."

Saying that enough times is more potent than any medicine.