The Daniel Bourke Show: Day 70 - Cognitive Bias

Cognitive bias is something that limits our intelligence. If you're fascinated by psychology like I am, the links in this post will interest you greatly. 

Day 70 of The Daniel Bourke Show was dedicated to cognitive bias, more specifically exploring the following articles by Buster.

  • Cognitive bias cheat sheet [12 min read]  - This explores the four conundrums of cognitive bias. It has references to all of the known cognitive bias' Wikipedia pages. 
  • Cognitive bias cheat sheet, simplified [4 min read] - Much like the original cheat sheet except simplified into a four-minute read, doesn't include references to specific cognitive bias'. 
  • Day 70 - Cognitive Bias [25 min listen] - I recorded 25 minutes of audio going through my takeaways of the two articles above. 

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet

At the bottom of the simplified version is this small graphic that lists the four conundrums of cognitive bias. It's small enough to fit on your lock screen. 

Dropbox link: Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet, Simplified

Dropbox link (lock screen): Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet, Simplified [Lock Screen Background]

Lock Screen Version

All of the credit goes to Buster for taking the time to sort through the massive about of cognitive bias' that plague our intelligence and making it a bit more digestible for people like me. 

Drop him a thank you if any of these articles have helped you at all, they certainly have an impact on the way I think.