Define it

When was the last time you sat and defined a problem before trying to solve it?

As in, spent a day defining it.

‘It’ being the problem you’re trying to solve.

We were at breakfast with family friends the other day. One of them suggested my brother go to university. Study for 4-years, get a certificate at the end. My parents agreed it was a good idea.

This sounds good in 2-dimensions. But different when thought about in 3-dimensions.

4-years is a lot to dedicate over a single remark.

But what problem does it solve?

My brother knows what he wants to do. He’s spent time defining his problem and he’s working towards it. The thing is, since it’s his problem, others sometimes have a hard time understanding it. The advice of our family friends means well but it’s aimed at a different problem, not his.

Have a bias towards action over thought but don’t spend a minute trying to solve a problem you haven’t spent a day defining.