Results go where energy flows

My LinkedIn has overtaken my blog in Google’s search rankings.

It’s because I’ve been more consistent there. Posting something every day.

Google rewards consistency. They like it if you’re active. Pages on the first page of Google are active.

How many times have you been past page 1 lately?

I love LinkedIn but I love my blog more. It wouldn’t seem that way though.

My energy has been directed elsewhere. 

Not today. I’m writing on my blog first before anywhere else. I’m going to push it back to the top. It’s where people can find out the most about me.

Results come from the direction we choose to send our energy. It’s a choice we can all make.

The universe works in mysterious ways when you decide to dedicate ourselves to something. When you choose to take on a challenge.

All of the best gains in life come from compound interest. Small, repeated, actions over time. It doesn’t have to be every day but it does have to be more than once in a while. 

The first action won’t be as good as the 47th. And the 47th won’t be as good as the 347th.

It’s not your last action which counts, it’s your next.