Make time your friend

The clocks aren't going to stop ticking anytime soon.

We built them to help us figure out a little more about the world.

Knowing how far through the year we are is useful for growing crops. Some things grow better when it's warmer, some don't.

You're friend said to meet them at 9. Show up at 12 and they probably went home.

Time is useful to us. But time becomes your enemy when you try to change it too much.

When you wish it would hurry up. Like wanting to finish the course you're in without doing the assignments. Or wanting to be at the end of the journey without taking a single step.

Or when you wish you could turn the clock backwards. Like that time everything was going really well. 'Those were the days.'

Treat time like the friend you're supposed to meet at 9. It's much easier to work with a friend than an enemy.