Have a Nap Instead

When was the last time you took a break? Being a 24/7 hustler is worn as a badge of honour these days.

I’m not bashing having a good work ethic but when was the last time you took the time to reflect on what it is you are actually getting done?

Have you ever asked yourself whether you’re just keeping yourself busy out of fear disguised as practicality? Moving from one thing to another without reason just because you fear if you stop doing these things your life will change for the worse.

I’ve met a few people who would work two jobs at a time to earn more money. I’ve been guilty of this too. Their day would consist of waking up, working eight hours in one job and then six at another.

There was no time in between, the mind was constantly on the go.

There’s plenty of reasons someone might have to work two jobs. Sustaining a family, saving for a holiday, all of them valid.

Being busy doesn’t just mean having two jobs either. Being busy means that there’s a lack of control somewhere in your life.

If you were fully in control of your life, you would never be busy. No one likes being busy, hence the negative connotation assigned the word. It’s probably the second most common reply to the question, “How are you?”, after good.

Imagine this scenario:

A: “Hi B, how have you been lately? Busy?”
B: “No, I’ve spent the last couple of months focusing on just a few things and making sure I’ve had adequate rest.”
A: *Thinks to self* “Who is this guy?”

Not the usual occurrence, right? Why not?

A period of time spent in reflection is as valuable as gold.  — Elon Musk

By moving from one task to the other day in day out leaves no time to reflect.

The mind is a muscle. You know this. Much like an athlete needs to rest after an exhaustive training session, the mind too needs to rest.

The next time you feel like there’s something you should be doing. Have a 20-minute nap instead. Sounds counter intuitive, right? Well maybe that thing on your to-do list won’t get checked but you will rise sharper and a much better version of yourself than 20-minutes prior.

You don’t even have to sleep. Don’t set falling to sleep as a goal. Just lay there. For 20-minutes.

No distractions.

No phone.

This will be hard for most people.

As for that never ending to-do list, what would be the worst thing that would happen if you deleted it all?

Can’t do that?

Instead of adding new items, what would you do if you could only remove items for a day?

Rather than adding a new to-do, remove one and move on.

Instead of having a calendar with 15 events for tomorrow, delete them all. The ones that matter will arise. Keep them.

With all of the other free space, set it for reflection time. Sit down and write about what you’ve been doing, how it makes you feel.

Working hard is great but are you being effective or just efficient?

With adequate rest, relaxation and reflection you’ll be more prepared to take on bigger tasks in the future.

Don’t let the candle burn from both ends.

Oh and Merry Christmas :)

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