How to Tell People You're Smart Without Sounding Arrogant

I drive Uber on weekends to pay for my studies.

7/10 rides will contain some version of this conversation.

Passenger: What do you do during the week?

Me: I’m a full-time student.

Passenger: What are you studying?

Me: Artificial Intelligence.

Passenger: Wow, you must be smart.

What often comes next is me explaining what AI is, and answering whether or not I think Skynet is real. Or, the conversation will stop. Too arrogant.

If I want to avoid sounding arrogant, I say Computer Science. More people can relate to this.

I’m telling the truth. And I’m nowhere near the smartest person in my field.

I simply spend my time learning what interests me.

For now, it’s AI. But not everyone knows what AI is. And the media has done a great job at turning it into a buzzword.

To tell people you’re smart, without sounding arrogant, tell the truth, but do it in a way the person will be able to understand.