Go where it’s least crowded

The voice in your head you keep hearing.

The one that keeps telling you, ‘let’s do this.’

The one you keep ignoring.

It’s hard to listen to it. There’s so much noise.

Johnny wants you to do this, your parents want you to do that.

They all do it out of love. But it’s not you.

You’re tired because playing a character is tough. You’re playing hide and seek with yourself.

The person you are in reality isn’t the person you are in your mind.

It’s hard to line these two up but it’s worth it when you do.

Not the flashy car or the new job or the millions of followers. You know deep down these things don’t matter.

You’ll get there and realise peace of mind and the journey itself were the goals, not anything else.

Peace of mind. That’s real success.

Go to the place it’s least crowded. Then you’ll be able to hear yourself. Listen carefully.