How to Create Your Own Luck

“I won the lottery twice in 5 days. My $2.5m secrets inside!” the magazine cover read.

I didn’t read the article but the headline caught me. I got lured. Magazine covers were the first click bait.

Now I wish I read it. I want to be luckier. What if that guy knew the secret? I could get millions!

Then I remembered I already know how to create my own luck.

In year 6, our teacher tried to teach our class how to juggle. We spent the first hour throwing one ball in the air and catching it with the same hand.

I’d found the internet at this stage so, naturally, I got bored and gave up. I still can’t juggle.

Juggling is all the throw. If your throw goes to the exact same place every time, you don’t even have to think about the catch. It just happens.

When I was learning to juggle I was too focused on the goal. I wanted to start juggling with three balls straight away.

The goal blocked me from the process. The process of learning to throw one ball perfectly.

Why would you buy another lottery ticket after already winning? Because luck is another word for trusting the process.

You can’t win the lottery twice if you’re not in it. Just like I was never going to be able to juggle 3 balls without learning to throw one.

Luck has a way of showing up when we do.