The 1 Step Cure for Mondayitis

Today is a Saturday. It’s Christmas Eve in fact.

Some may be getting up this morning thinking, “Thank God it’s the weekend.”

I used to be like that. Not so much anymore. Growing up I didn’t quite understand the notion behind hating specific days of the week. Slowly over time I started to develop an understanding for why some people may not enjoy certain days.

Through high school, I started to realise this disliking of certain days more and more. I remember dreading 60 Minutes coming on TV because it meant Sunday was over and I would have to go to school the next day.

I still get a strange feeling whenever I heard it come on.

Now I don’t get anxious about the day of the week. Sometimes I forget what day of the week it is. To me, every day is just another day.

This is just how I’ve decided to look at things now. Nothing special. I’m not saying my views are right but I certainly prefer being excited for anything when I wake up rather than being anxious about the day ahead.

I’ve spent weeks at a time dreading each and every day. I didn’t like living like that.

What I found that helped was being grateful. Just being grateful for anything. Being grateful for the feeling of my feet hitting the carpet. Being grateful for being able to sit here, press this keyboard and a combination of pixels appearing the screen. Pixels that represent some kind of shapes. Shapes that have some sort of meaning that I’m able to process in a way I don’t even understand.

The beauty of being grateful is that it doesn’t have to be about anything in particular. There are no rules to being grateful. I made that last example up as I was going.

I’ve read someone before a quote by someone smarter than me, something along the lines of,

“When you’re showing gratitude it’s impossible to be angry or upset.”

I’m probably butchering the quote but I agree.

I’ve tried it. I’ve tried being angry whilst being grateful for something. I’ve tried thinking, “Oh crap not another Tuesday.” at the same time as “I’m grateful that I can hear the wind rustling through the leaves outside.” It just doesn’t work.

It’s contagious as well. Remember the last time someone told you, “I really appreciate what you’re doing here.” How did that make you feel?

Share the love with someone today. Tell them about something they’ve done that you’re grateful about. However big or small.

Most importantly, share the love with yourself. Show yourself some gratitude for something you’ve done. It could be anything. It doesn’t even have to be something you’ve done. It could be being grateful you got to see a bunch of flowers on your way to work.

By showing little bits of gratitude here and there, soon it won’t matter what day of the week it is.

P.S. Practicing gratitude is the cure for so much more than Mondayitis.