My First Invoice

When I started making things online, I still had the mindset of trading time for money.

The mindset of you had to be a certain place at a certain time for someone to pay you an hourly rate.

Last week I sent my first invoice as a solo entrepreneur to a client. When I worked out the hourly rate it was more than double I’d ever been paid at any previous job.

I completed the work from my bedroom on my own time.

It took me too long to realise I was the one holding myself back. I saw others making a living online and thought, ‘Wow, how do they do that?’

I overcomplicated it.

You have a business when you have a paying customer.

How do you get a paying customer?

Make something of value and charge someone who wants to pay for it.

How do you make something of value?

Develop a skill (this takes time).

But the internet has made it so you can. You can learn what you want. And you can create things with what you learn. Don’t let an old way of thinking hold you back from designing a new way of living like I did.

My latest video shows sending the invoice as well as why it might be my last one for a while.