Write like nobody is reading

Be careful. Don't write that. Somebody might read it.

But what if no one did?

Would it matter?

Every writer wants to be read.

It seems pointless to spend hours filling a blank page with words for no one to read them.

But someone always does. The words always get read.

They're read by you.

In your head. With your voice.

They're a reflection of the story we tell ourselves every day. Whether we're feeling good, or feeling bad. Whether you're excited or scared for what's to come.

When you write like nobody is reading, you can be honest with yourself. The truth reveals itself.

What you'll find is when the truth comes out, others like to read it too. Letting it out is hard to do. And that's why we're all seeking it.

Some won't like your story. That's okay. It gives you a chance to consider their arguments and make yours stronger. Or change them all together.

And if you don't like your story, you can always change it. After all, you're the one writing it.