Dying is worse than death

All fear manifests from the unknown.

Death is scary because you don’t know what happens afterwards.

Religions have been built on the back of promising something during the afterlife.

I’m not saying they’re wrong or right. I have no idea.

If I had to guess, I’d say it would be close to the feeling of before you were born. Remember that?

I don’t have a fear of death. I have a fear of dying.

Death is quick. It happens and then its done.

Dying can last a lifetime. We’re all dying right now. But that’s not the kind of dying I’m afraid of.

The dying I’m afraid of is being fully alive but not living. Simply existing. When your spirit leaves before you do.

Most of the time this happens when you play hide and seek with yourself. You’re one character in your mind but another in life. Eventually, one has to go. Choose the right one.

How do you do this?

With love. Loving yourself, loving others.

Love the role you choose to play in the world. Love is what counts.

I found this excerpt in a book. I can’t remember where but it was worth saving.

“Put simply, when I asked one person, ‘Do you wish you accomplished more?’ He responded, ‘No, I wished I loved more.’”