A bunny rabbit pushing a lawn mower

Down the middle of the street.

Which was strange because roads don't have grass.

It was walking on two legs and 3 feet tall.

Coloured balls were popping up and down in the centre of the mower.

The rabbit got closer. Its ears were the only things covered in fur.

Then the blue bucket hat gave it away. It was a little boy. Walking his toy lawnmower down the street.

I had two dogs in one hand and a bag of dog shit in the other.

I let the little boy keep going for a little bit.

'His parents shouldn't be far behind,' I thought.

They weren't. They weren't far behind. They weren't anywhere.

'Hey little dude, you should come off the street,' I called out.

He pushed his lawnmower towards the sidewalk and got off the road.

He was determined. He kept walking the direction I'd come from.

I kept walking the other way. 'Better not,' I thought. Then I stopped. And turned around.

His hat had Isaac across it in white letters.

'Isaac, where's your mummy?'

Isaac kept walking and turned the corner. He had his lawn mower across over his shoulder. The bunny rabbit ears were still sitting high.

I followed close behind. He knew where he was going.

'Isaac, where's your daddy?'

He didn't respond. He was on a mission.

200 meters ahead a lady was running around from house to house. Isaac's mum.

I walked out on the street and held up my dog shit hand to wave. The bag swayed back and forth. She turned and started heading towards us, must've seen the waving dog turds.

'Good morning,' I said.

'Where'd you go?' she picked up Isaac.

He didn't respond.

'See you, Isaac.'

Isaac's mum didn't say anything else. She looked panicked.

I didn't say anything else either.

I turned around and found a bin. Then kept walking.

Going for walks is a good time. You're moving your body. You're moving your mind. Walks are great for thinking.

If you want adventure, you don't always have to travel far. It could be a 5-minute walk from your house.

You never know what's going to happen.

You might run into a bunny rabbit mowing the street.

Then it becomes a story.

And the next time someone mentions mowing the lawn, you can say, 'did I tell you about the time I saw a bunny rabbit mowing the street?'

And they'll ask, 'What?'

And you’ll say, 'Well, I was going for a walk...'

Adventure is closer than you think.