The same clothes 3 days in a row

 ‘I didn’t have to run today,’ she said, ‘you boys are so lucky you don’t have to wear heels or dresses.’ She was talking to me and other guy at the bus stop. We all catch the 7:17.

Yesterday she had to run. The bus was pulling in but she wasn’t close to the stop.

Today is the third day in a row I’ve worn the same clothes. I changed underwear and socks though, I’m not a monster.

Wearing the same thing means I don’t have to decide what to wear. I’ve been trying to reduce my wardrobe for the past couple of years.

Less wardrobe means less decisions. Better decisions. Less but better.

Eventually, I’ll have 10 copies of the same shirt and 3 of the same pants. Pants don’t get as dirty as shirts do for me. Then it’ll be the same outfit everyday.