Same direction, new ground

We started a website. Airbnb for gyms.

We wanted to workout together but none of us were members of the same place.

'Surely technology could solve this,' we thought.

It was exciting. We were going to build a solution for ourselves.

Walking around visiting gyms was fun.

'How does your current sign up system work?'

'They fill out this form and then we enter it into the database.'

'How do you enter it?'

'I type it up and my manager checks it later.'


The site was up. It had gyms on there. But only as listings.

We hit a roadblock. Gyms like having control of their memberships. Most of the revenue comes from people not showing up. You know that weekly payment coming out of your account you've forgotten about? That.

The excitement fizzled out. I even stopped using the gym, all I needed was the ground and a pull-up bar. Movement and being around friends were the underlying passions, not a poor sign up process.

The idea is still there but the execution came to a halt.

Then I found a new path. I'm still on it. Still health, still technology. But with a different ground underfoot.

Let's see where it goes.