Talking AI to a group of Chinese academics with Athon

I was scared when I first read the email. Presenting to a group of Chinese academics. Was I ready for it?

"This is a stretch even for me," I thought.

But what was the worst that could happen? The talk doesn't go so well?

No matter, I'd be back where I am right now soon enough. Back in bed. Where I'm writing this post from.

Last Thursday, I received an email asking me to come and present what we have been working on at Max Kelsen. Particularly our work on AI in healthcare and other areas.

I asked Athon if he wanted to come along. He said yes. He's a great team leader. Plus, I thought it would be good to have some real technical knowledge along for the show.

We confirmed the talk for Monday. We had nothing ready but the knowledge was in our heads, all we had to do was present it.

I spent Saturday and Sunday preparing. Monday morning I finished off the slides. My part was AI in healthcare. I'm fascinated by it. Ever since my mum told me about bionic man and woman as a kid.

The talk went better than we thought. It's always the case. Most of our worst fears are inside our heads and all of them are of the unknown. I've done plenty of public speaking before but never to a crowd like this.

We recorded the talk. I went into details about how there's an information gap in healthcare. The current system works on episodic and reactive treatments rather than continuous and proactive. For good AI work to be done, this information gap needs to be closed. How? Through combining genomics, clinical information and sensor information to gather insights on a persons health and then infer future outcomes.

Athon talked about some of the amazing work he and the rest of the team have done at Max Kelsen. They built an image recogniser which uses satellite images to figure out whether a site is a construction site or not. This helps the city council with planning. And a tool which helps lawyers decide if a case is worth taking on.

I'm lucky to have landed a role at Max Kelsen. We're working on some great stuff.

All areas of AI fascinate me but healthcare is closest to my heart. Plenty more content and work around these two to come.

I'll post the full video on my YouTube when it's edited. Margeuax, the organiser of the talk is sending me the audio recorded from the room. It may be a little better than my iPhone.

Was it really an AI talk if you didn't show a picture of a GPU?

Was it really an AI talk if you didn't show a picture of a GPU?