The warm up

Ask any athlete and they’ll tell the most important thing to do before an intense session is to warm up. To get the blood flowing, those first few drops of sweat on the brow.

The next most important part of the workout is the warm down. Bring the warm muscles back to normal, stretch out the tight spots.

Warming up and warming down doesn’t only have to be part of any good athletes routine. The same can be done for the project you’re working on. Or the cognitive work you’re about to do.

Warm up by writing down what it is you set out to do. Warm down by reflecting on what you did and what you could do next.

The benefits?

Direction when you’re not sure what you should be doing and insight into what you could do better next time.

The thing is, the warm up and warm down take a little extra effort. And you know what happens to athletes who don’t take care of themselves. Preparation and recovery are as important as the actual work.

The extra effort is worth it.