Wealth, health and Happiness

Those are the three things. The things we’re all after.

They can all be built in a similar way.

Create value for others over a continual period and you can accumulate wealth.

Stick to the basics, good food, quality sleep and continuous movement and you’ll be doing the best for your health.

Treat happiness as a skill and you can improve at it. Even better, you might find the previous two add together and give you it.

In a world obsessed with the new, what’s going to stay the same?

These three things.

You could add in relationships as a sub topic to each. The relationship you have with others can lead to wealth. And the relationship you have with yourself is part of happiness and health.

It’s helpful to remember all of our actions try to optimise one of these three things.

But be careful.

Go too far in one direction and you might lose the others.