3 reasons to start hanging out more often

If you want to step up your shoulder game, increase your grip strength or give your spine a break from gravity you should be hanging.

And by hanging, I mean holding on to something with your hands, with your feet dangling off the ground. 

Last session, I did 8 rounds of 30-seconds on, 30-seconds off.

By the end, my forearms were on fire.


1. Grip Strength

This one’s obvious. Hanging off something requires grip strength.

And grip #strength is usually the first thing to fail whenever you’re trying to hold onto something, a person, a barbell, a cliff face, the side of a helicopter.

A strong grip is a pillar of a #strong body.

Maybe if Rose worked on her grip strength more, Jack would still be here.

2. Shoulder & Scapula Stabilisation

Hanging won’t build big cannonball delts but it will help those little muscles inside the shoulder get stronger.

The ones which often cause those annoying niggles.

When you first start, hanging dead still will probably be a challenge.

But after a while, you’ll start to be able to manipulate your scapula and control your shoulder positioning.

This finite control will transfer to other movements.

3. Spine Decompression

Think of an accordion. Lifting weights and normal day to day activities are the squeezing of the accordion.

But how good does an accordion sound when it’s only ever closed?

Hanging is the pulling apart action of the accordion.

With gravity off your back (literally), pressure in between the vertebrae is released.

This release of pressure opens the flood gates for fluids and other nutrients to flow.

What happens to water if it doesn’t move for a while?

It becomes stagnant.

Same thing with the spine.

Where’s the science?

I don’t have any studies to back up the above.

Only experience.

My shoulder pain went away when I started focusing on movements like hanging (and rotating).

My grip still has a long way to go though.

Causation or correlation? Probably a little of both. Plus, this is an easy trick.

If you’ve got shoulder pain or a mangled spine, try it out.

All you need is a bar.

Jump. Grab on. Hold on. Let go. Repeat.



Source: http://instagram.com/mrdbourke

Nutrition and Investing

8-week plans are like get rich quick schemes.

They might work in the short term but fall apart soon after.

Diets are like different kinds of investing.

Vegan, paleo, keto, vegetarian. Stock investing, real estate, education.

They all work. But for some better than others.

I have no interest in real estate but I love stocks and learning. So I devote my time there.

And I like eggs for breakfast so a vegan diet is off the cards.

Treat your nutrition plan like your investment plan. Long-term.

You may lose 10kg in 8-weeks but how long will you keep it off for?

That 5-year stretch of binge eating is like that 5-year car loan you can’t afford — unnecessary.

When it comes to buying quality food, put your money your mouth is.

Trade wealth for health but never the other way round.

This post first appeared on LinkedIn, I post there quite often too.