What I'm up to

Relearning how to learn with the Learning How to Learn course on Coursera. Learning how to learn is the ultimate skill. It can be applied to anything else. This course should be compulsory for every student. If you’re looking for some quick takeaways, I made a video and wrote a companion article detailing my favourite parts.

Writing a post a day on the blog.

Working through the list of 25 things I’m going to do before I’m 26.


What I'm reading

Hands On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow by Aurelien Geron — This book is probably the most aligned with the work I’ve been doing on the daily at Max Kelsen as a Machine Learning Engineer. It focuses on a ground up approach to machine learning, using the more traditional techniques rather than diving straight into the latest and greatest methods. But then the end of the book starts getting into more advanced approaches but I’m not up to that part yet. A great starting place for anyone with some Python experience to get into machine learning.


Last update: 7 February 2019

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