I’m back after a month in the US. I learned a lot.

It was a great trip but it’s good to be home. I love it here.

It’s going to be a big summer. I’m going to get in the fittest shape of my life. Stay tuned for more.


What I'm up to

Cleaning out the rust on my Python skills after some time away.

2-3 courses I want to finish by the end of the year:

Writing a post a day on the blog.

Working through the list of 25 things I’m going to do before I’m 26.


What I'm reading

The Unpublished David Ogilvy - Ogilvy is a God in the world of marketing and advertising. Marketing is storytelling. And I love storytelling. So I’ve been digesting all of Ogilvy’s works. Big fan of his preference for brevity.


Last update: 13 October 2018

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