May Update: Not much has changed since April. The process is still happening and the wheels are turning.


What I'm learning and working on

Answering questions on Quora

Instead of going back to university to study a Master's in Computer Science, I decided to create my own Artificial Intelligence Master's Degree.

Documenting my self-study and fitness journey on YouTube.

Building my first Alexa skill! I think voice is going to evolve over the next decade to be something massive. It's been fun playing around and testing out this new platform. The skill will be a simple nutrition fact reader to begin with. Expect to see it available on the Alexa skills store in the next month or so.

Learning the ropes of real-world data science and machine learning at my first internship!


What I'm reading

Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus - The science behind how to optimize everything from waking up, to eating, to working, to sex in a 24-hour time span. I try to live my life like an Instagram story, so I really like this point of view. It's the small actions over time that lead to the biggest rewards. Start claiming compound interest on your small daily investments.

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald - I've been trying to read more fiction. This is an absolute classic love story. Seeing the movie first has meant I've been able to imagine faces of each of the characters as the story unfolds... yes it's May and this is still here. Reading has taken a hit the past month.

More on my books page.


Last update: 1 May 2018

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